One capture give you hundreds of lesson to learn from.

2016 had been the epic year where I had learned more about photography. I had been introduced to the 500px photography by professional photographer and start exploring the photography world by only using my smartphone to capture the picture. Most of my photo had been edited to give the full impact, especially in the contrast and light. I love experimenting every filter in the picture apps that available in the apps store and Google play.

As the beginner in the photography, I need to learn on how to use the filter and editing software as I never have any experience in using photoshop before. Picsart and Instragram provide lots of option when it comes to filter. You can edit the picture based on your preferences. Both of apps had been my powerful tools in editing my picture.

Capture on last May 2016 while watching the sunrise in early in the morning.
My very first street photography. Taking this picture during the sunset in the Borneo.
  • image
      Just the way it is. No filter had been added to the picture. Taken on August 2015 at Sapi Island, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

Although the photo editing software can be handy in the time where you want to give more impact on your picture, but sometimes it’s better to leave your picture just the way it is. And that’s what happened to the picture above. I don’t use any filter and the broken smartphone that capture this picture had been capture the perfect real view of ocean. Picture shown as above.


Some people can’t afford to buy the latest gadgets of camera, but with the right smartphone that have the good quality and MP of camera, there is nothing impossible to capture a beautiful picture. For the rest of the photo, you can check it out my 500px portfolio:

Turning photography as one of my main hobbies, it’s not only helping me to be more appreciate of the nature, it’s also help me to be more creative. In dealing with inside and outside of reality through the camera lens.

While we need thousand of words to describe the place, one high quality of picture tell us what we need to know.

Until next time. 😀



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