Counting one to ten

One step forward embracing the future

Standing still on the present

The past burned into ashes

Disappearing into thin air
Found my way back after being lost for years

A new map placed on my hand

A new journey awaiting for me

Looking at my surrounding

A big smile sculpted on my face

My inner voice telling me, this is it
Am I wiser? I knew that I’ve had grown up

Embracing life lessons

Learning from my mistakes

Taking a deep breath, closing my both eyes

Feeling the vibes of the waves of mysterious life

Opening my both eyes and exhaling slowly

Counting one to ten

Bidding farewell to the past

Saying hello to the present

Anticipating the future with a smile.

It takes sadness, hopelessness, scare, tears to know the path of your life. Just take a deep breath, count one to ten and exhaling slowly. Learn from the past, appreciate your present and always anticipating future with a smile. You’ll never know what will happen. Believe that best is yet to come. 
Lynn Amdan


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