The best is yet to come

Today it’s a good day

The bright blue skies make me smile

Listening to the sound of my beating heart

Dancing on the floor made from the beautiful white sands

Running with the smile on my face

Fingers pointing at the blue skies

Drawing my hope and dreams

Hands up in the air

Jumping like a little girl

Laughing like there is no tomorrow


Dup dap dup dap

The sound of my beating heart

Tick tock tick tock

The sound of my wristwatch

The hopes will always be there

Yet time flies so fast

Faster than a fireflies

Warning sign have been given

Winds acting as a messenger

Messenger of happiness tell me to live in the moment


The blue skies are still bright

Bright like the colour of the blue ocean

Telling me not to worries

Where there is beginning of something

There will be always an ending for everything

Sadness is temporary

Happiness is temporary

Memories is forever

Choose the right ending for everything

Painful memories bidding its farewell

Leaving me with its precious gift

The colours of lesson have been gifting to me

Filling my drawings with the colours of lessons

Painting the skies with brush of courage

With the big smile on my face


Joy and happiness dancing around me

Sadness leaving us with the smile on its face

Waving and walking away

Faded slowly from my view

I keep on jumping

Laughter of happiness filling the air

The smile of joy beautifully sculpted on my face

A flock of birds flying in the air

The trees dancing following rhythm of the wind

Singing and wishing each other

To forget the past, live in the moment and every struggle there is an ending

Keep believing on the unknown future

Have faith on everything

The best is yet to come.


Images 2013-2017-037


Thank you for your time reading my blog! Have a great day wherever you are. May your day fill with lots of smile and joy. If you’re having a bad day? No worries. It’ll be okay. Just a matter of time! Until next time! Ciao


Lynn R. Amdan




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