Hola Foodie Travellers!

Are you a keen globetrotter and like to dip into local delicacies? Will you as a foodie traveller who have food hunting list be able to find places to go as soon you arrive in Sandakan? The answer would be BIG BOLD capital letter, YES. Despite of being labelled as one of the lonely planet, there are too many varieties of food choices available in Sandakan. Take a note that the local delicacies are much easier to find instead of western cuisine. But it doesn’t meant that you won’t be able to find any. Food is one of the basic things that everyone on this planet must have. I love food. Who doesn’t? I bet that most of the travellers will capture the picture of foods and posting it into the social media. As for some of the photographer, they will tell the food stories through the picture. The price range of food in Sandakan is affordable for everyone. So, don’t sweat yourself about your budgets on food! Just prepare yourself to dip into the delicacies that available in Sandakan City.


GUYS! REMINDER! There are no STARBUCKS stores available in Sandakan!

There is none of Starbucks outlet available in Sandakan city but you don’t have to worry if you’re a coffee lover, this town still have the best coffee. Well that’s what I’d have been told by the Four Point hotel staff.

If you want to grab a beer but you’re staying in the downtown? You can go to:

  1. Best Brew, Four Point ( normally open at 5pm until 1am)
  2. Balin Café, Nak hotel (open from 7am until 1am)
  3. Harbour bistro garden ( open from 5pm until 1am) 

If you want to listen to local live band, you can have your beer at the Best Brew but take a note that the band will start singing around 10pm. The happy hour in the Best Brew, Four Point starting from 5pm. You can ask the staff about it and if you have the SPG membership, you’ll get a discount on your beverages. If you want to have a beer with the great view from the rooftop, you can go to the Balin Café.  There are no local live band and the place is small compared to the Best Brew, neverheless the view of Sandakan night scene on the rooftop? You’ll forget that you’re in Sandakan city.


The hidden gem to take breakfast in Sandakan with the perfect local village view?

The answer is 88 restaurant which is located in the Kg Sim-Sim. The local coffee that cost me for only MYR 1.90. The meals are based on the Hong Kong Style cooking. It’s open from 7am until 10 pm. You can have your breakfast, lunch or dinner at 88 Restaurant. The seafoods are fresh and you don’t have to worry about pollution that affected the seafood that they serve. Here some of the pictures of the restaurant view that I had been taken using my smartphone.



The hot spot place to have lunch or dinner in the nature environment?

If you’re staying in the Sepilok, especially at Uncle Tan hostels? You can have your drink, lunch or dinner in the Sepilok Resort restaurant. The staffs are super nice and friendly. I love on how they talked with me. I feel welcome by the staff every time I spend my time over there. If you have your favourite book and you’re a writer, Sepilok resort restaurant is the perfect place for you where you can sit down, doing your own thing, meditating and daydreaming. 


The hot spot to have a western cuisine on the rooftop or by the pool?

  • Balin café, located in the Nak Hotel, Sandakan Downtown.
  • Four points by Sheraton hotel. Sandakan Downtown.


The latest local restaurant with the affordable local delicacies

  • San Da Gen Restaurant, Sandakan Downtown

 This restaurant is the ideal place for blogger or writer having a cup of local coffee while writing down their idea. All the foods and beverages are 100% based on local cuisine. You will experience the local food in this cozy restaurant and who know that you will get a new inspiration to write on your travel journal?


 The place where you can get a reasonable price for Spaghetti and pizza?

  • Ibbis Style Restaurant, Treats, Sandakan Downtown.


TIPS: For MYR5.00, you can your American breakfast. They also have special promotion on weekdays for lunch. Ask the cashier about the promotion. Looking for a place in Sandakan downtown that have a good internet connection, you can have your breakfast at reasonable price and use their wifi.
Are you the type of backpackers who can try everything  and have gut to try the local food that probably looks exotic to you with the cheap price? 


Here’s tips for you, if your hostel located in the Sandakan downtown, you can go to the Sandakan market. And that’s where the hidden gem located for the breakfast. Why? For MYR2-MYR5, you can have your breakfast. There is a variety of choices in the market and if you wake up early at 5am, you can go to the market and have the fresh hot breakfast. Reminder for you, there is no western breakfast, only local breakfast available like banana fritters, fried noodles and etc. Note to every traveller: the local people in the market probably can speak English or not at all. So always bring your offline google translator or any offline translator apps in your phone. You’re a vegetarian? No worries. You can go to the level 2, Sandakan market. There is one stall that provide the vegetarian foods


In Sandakan downtown, another hot spot to have lunch and dinner, is at the harbour restaurants. There is a few of restaurant that will give you the variety of choices. Want to have Chinese Bun for MYR4.00? you can go there! You can get the pure local juice that will only cost you MYR5.00 per glass. You can try Keropok lekor while having your juice or local coffee. That’s the hot spot for local to spend their time with their families, hanging out with their friends and the perfect place to experience the local place.



So, that the end of my stories about Sandakan. I wish to all my readers happy travelling and if you feel bored reading this, I hope that you have a big cup of coffee to lighten your mood! Welcome to Sandakan to those travellers that decided to visit Sandakan. And to those who curious about this place that listed as one of the lonely planet, I hope that with all the info that I had written on my blog will help you to get know more about this place.

Walk like a local, sightseeing like a local, live like a local, explore like a local and eat like a local!

End of my journey in Sandakan, Sabah, Land below of the wind. I hope that all the information on my blog will be able to help those travellers that planning to come to Sandakan for the first time! It was an epic journey in Sandakan and after my little exploration in this city, I had been proud to be one of the local people in Sandakan city.

Let’s get connected with each other and you can check out my instagram writing on my page: @lynnamdan

Thank you for your time on reading this! See you on my next adventure! Have a wonderful weekend to all of readers! Ciao


Travel is the food for soul, knowledge is the food for mind and food is the basic thing that we need in life for survival. Mixing the ingredients together, we’ll get the ultimate of life experiences. 
Lynn R.Amdan



* I don’t have business affiliations with all the places that I recommended in my blog and don’t get any financial benefit in referring to their brand. 




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