Nobody will come to save you. You’ll the one who have to save yourself

Lying down on the cold floor

Losing my conscience staring at the ceiling

Losing myself on my deep thought

Introducing me to the Captain Hopeless

My heart is beating too fast

The sound of my beating heart makes me close my eyes

The pitches of darkness surround me

I lose myself in the dark world

The fears hugging me so tight

So tight I can barely breath

Too many questions

Too many struggles

An endless obstacle

An endless difficulty

With no ending

Controlled by my own fear

The fear lead me astray

From the path that I have chosen for myself

Screaming out loud

Why there is nobody help me?

The tears keep falling on my both cheeks

This is it, the ending for everything

I’m going to leave this world

The world that I haven’t fully explore

The world that I haven’t seen enough

Bidding farewell this world ending my life

The feel of soft skin touching my face

Wiping away the tears on my face

The scent of flower chasing away the fears

Leaving me alone with a stranger

A soft body hugging me

Holding my both hands

Giving me something

Telling me to open my both eyes

Slowly opening my both eyes

Looking at my saver

Whom are smiling at me and shaking her head

Looking straight into my black eyes and telling me

Something that I will never forget

“Nobody will come to save you.  You’ll the one who have to save yourself.”

Leaving me alone on the cold floor

The women walk away and started fading from my view

Looking at my hands

A white book with the blue pen beautifully place on my hands

The wisdom of words visiting my empty mind

Telling me to get up on my own two feet

Standing on my two feet

The wisdom of words telling me to never stop fighting

Remind me for the last time that nobody can help me except myself

As I was born alone and will die alone in the grave

There is no exception for everyone including me

Life is just like a book

The wisdom of words telling me to fill it up

Fill it with an endless of words

Form the words from the letters of happiness, sadness and joy

Looking right in front of me

A mirror stand still

My own reflection staring at me

Telling me that I’m not hopeless

I’m just afraid

My past was over

My adventure in the future haven’t begun

Yet I have been wasting time in my present

Human words are cruel and violent

Each word will kill you slowly

Killing you softly just like an odourless and tasteless poison

My reflection in the mirror telling me not to worry

As for every poison, there is a cure

A cure that can erase the human’s cruel word from my book

The cure is the life words.

Life obstacles written down on the book

Filling each page with mistakes made by the writer

Giving the reader of life book lesson of the mistakes

A happiness and joyful in life written down on the book

Accompanied with the beautiful pictures by the smiling writer

Giving the reader with hope

Hope with a happy ending

The life book represents the reality of life

Telling the reader the reality of life

Every obstacles, difficulties and sadness will be temporary

As there is an ending for everything

A happy ending.

Opening the first page of the book

A new book without words in it

Holding the bright blue pen on my right hand

Start writing down my very first life words

In my new book

“Fears are made by mind caused by insecurity that eventually introducing you to the Captain Hopeless. By embracing the fears, the weapon that can defeat the Captain Hopeless is the powerful sword of Courage.  When your battle is finally over, the wind will lead you to the stairs of colourful rainbow where the door of happy ending waiting for you.”



I’m not sorry to tell you this, that nobody will save your from your own fear and negativity. You need to save yourself and at the end, by embracing both of it, you’ll get the happy ending that you deserve.

Lynn R. Amdan@ Amdana


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