Types of accommodation  in Sandakan North Borneo

Based on my research, there are 3 choices that available for your short or long stay in Sandakan. All the accommodations that available are mostly near to the tourist attraction and in the Sandakan downtown. You can also enjoying the wildlife by staying at the resort or hostel that available in the Sepilok and Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey with affordable price.


  1. Backpackers place that located in Sepilok or Labuk Bay

If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle in the city (Definitely not in the Sandakan downtown obviously, I meant the other busiest city in the world), you can stay in the backpackers place in Sepilok or Labuk Bay. With range around MYR35.00 per night and above (you can contact the hostel for the price confirmation), you can live in the nature while listening to the cricket song that fill the air during the night time. Please take note that Sepilok and Labuk Bay is quite far from the downtown and the access for the public transport to the downtown is limited and especially at night. Consult with your receptionist in your hostel and they’ll help you arranging your transportation. I never stayed in the Sepilok, but I know that it’s a heaven for the nature lovers as I already visited the places in Sepilok and Labuk Bay. Close to the nature, located in the jungle where you can meditate in the middle of the night while listening to the cricket music, who doesn’t want that?


  1. Backpackers in Sandakan Downtown

If you plan to stay in downtown, you can get a cheaper price to stay. The last time I saw the advertisement was on the hostel gate, the price was MYR18 per night++. It’s closer to the market and also to the biggest and cheapest supermarket in downtown, Gentingmas Mall Supermarket.


LYNN’S TIPS- You can buy cheaper chocolates in the Gentingmas mall or any junk food that you like. Or maybe crackers that you can put into your backpack before starting your adventure in Kinabatangan, Gomantong Caves, Sukau or anywhere where you plan to


  1. Hotels and Airbnb accommodation


You can stay in the hotels in Sandakan and you can use the Trivago or using Airbnb apps. You can stay in the International hotel,  Four point by Sheraton hotel that have a perfect pool with the Sandakan downtown view, the historical hotel in Sandakan that have a great view on the rooftop plus with the romantic mood, Nak hotel or you can rent the apartment through the Airbnb site. Planning to use Airbnb instead of staying in the hotel, my suggestion is you should find the place that located at the Grandview housing area. You can have the perfect place to see the sunrise, you can walk to the near local village where one of the famous seafood restaurant with the Hong Kong style, and the Chinese Society Building


You can check out at the Trip Advisor about the hospitality that every place provided and get an advice from the people who have been stay in the Sandakan. Other than that, you can use the Hostelworld site to find out the hostels that available in Sandakan and booked early before you arrived.
Looking for something to do in Sandakan and wondering whether there is a place to visit in Sandakan other than Sepilok Rehabillation Center and Labuk Bay Probiscis Monkey? Keep on reading at my next page that will cover everything about the places in Sandakan.
Stay Tune.


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