The story of the fool women



The sound of Mother Nature awake her

From the reality of the judgemental world

That have swallowing her

Into the deep mad cruel world

This is the story of the fool women

Standing at the beach while facing the ocean

Losing her own identity

Keep on walking towards the ocean

Slowly drifting away and start drowning

Lost in the middle of the ocean because of her foolishness

Struggling looking for a way

To keep on floating

The struggle ended and the waves carried her away

In the deep soul of calm fool women

Lies a thousand of secrets in her heart

That slowly eating her in every second

Turning her into somebody that everyone despise

The emotion turmoil inside her heart

The war of emotion knocking her down

Leaving her with the painful scar

Making her as the lonely women with the scar on her heart

The ocean holds her still

The tears of regrets keep falling on her cheeks

The dark clouds dancing around her

With the sound of thunder punishing her

The sound of thunder judge her over and over again

The strike of lightning shattered her heart into pieces

The wind sweeping away the hopeless pieces

Leaving her with an empty mind in the middle of ocean

The dark clouds start crying

The tears from heaven falling down

Washing away her millions of regret tears

No more sound of angry judgemental thunder

No more tears, no more anger

No more regrets, no more sadness

Just an empty body carried by the waves

Slowly carried to the beach

With no maps and home to go

As she knew that she had been long gone and forgotten

The dark clouds swallowed by the crystal white clouds

Opening her both eyes facing the fears

A beautiful mother nature embraces her

Forgiving her mistake

Gifting her with a new heart

A small scar tattooed on her new heart

Telling her that she finally learned the lesson

And her new life just begin

Standing up, looking up,

The double rainbow welcoming her

To the uncertain but fulfilling life

The chirping of innocent birds telling her to never give up

The light from the sun giving her a new light

The light of hope and happiness

This is the story of the fool women

The lady that drowned in her past mistakes

Thinking that she won’t survive

Yet there she is

Standing at the beach

Standing up and pointing her finger to the clear skies

Drawing her new vision  at the crystal white skies

Vision of hope and happiness

Crafting a poem about mistakes

Thousands of mistakes turning into life lessons

Lessons that giving an endless of source of hope

Moulding her into a new person

Embracing the feeling of loneliness

With the peace and calm hugging her

This is the story of the fool women

Standing on her feet

Knowing that she’s never alone

Spreading her arms wide embracing the wind

With the smile on her beautiful face

The road of happiness waiting for her

Waiting for her very first step

Looking at her surrounding

While standing still on the sand

Feeling the soft sand under her feet

Smiling at the Mother Nature

Thank you life for taught me a lessons

A lesson that I will cherished in my life

Thank you Mother Nature for forgiving me

May we meet again

When that moment comes, it will be accompany with the smile of gratitude and happiness

Guiding by the light of the sun

she walked away

Taking her first step

to the new life that she’s been wanting for.



Everyone can judge your mistakes without knowing the hidden truth behind it. Don’t be so hard on yourself. After all, you have learned the lesson no? Turn the lesson into the material to build your new path.  🙂

Lynn R.Amdan



Thank you for your time and once again, thank you very much for reading this!

keep smiling and..


Until next time! 😀


Lynn@ amdana


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