Farewell between father and daughter.

Bringg bringg bringg the phone ringing

A father called his daughter 

The sound of phone ringing make the daughter

Feel excited and happy without knowing 

That it will be the farewell between father and daughter.
Bringg bringg bringg the phone ringing

The daughter answered with the frown cease on her forehead

Not giving a single chance for her father to talk and start complaining

A child self absorbed she was before

As she was the rotten spoiled princess in her hometown.
Bringg bringg bringg the phone ringing

The love of her father have been spoiled her rotten

Protecting her from the reality of the world that always racing

Telling her everyday that this world filled joyous and everyone is a good person.
Bringg bringg bringg the phone ringing

The daughter keep on complaining

Blaming her dad for sending her away from him to face the world alone

Feeling hurt on how universe treating her yet she did nothing wrong

His father keep on listening to her complaining as he know that she just started learning

He know that his daughter will stop complaining

When that moment arrive, he will be long gone leaving
Bringg bringg bringg the phone ringing

Listening to his daughter last sound of complaining 

A father who were wise and caring 

His love never lessen by his daughter complaining
Bringg bringg bringg the phone ringing

The daughter feel tired after long hours of complaining

Fall silent listening to her father sound of breathing 

Feeling that there is something wrong

Her soul slapped her mind and she start panicking 
Bringg bringg bringg the phone ringing

The daughter break the silence by asking, how are you my dear father?

His smiling and tired voice talking on the phone

An odd emotional moment feel through the phone 
Bringg bringg bringg the phone ringing 

Her father told her that he was just tired 

Will take a short nap after the phone call

Want to listen to his daughter voice through the phone 
Bringg bringg bringg the phone ringing 

This is the final advice from father to daughter 

World filled with good people although the cruel devil mind is always dancing 

That lead them to take an advantage and killing each other

But don’t be afraid my dear daughter

There is always a lovely people that you’ll cross path with, my dear daughter

Bear in mind that life is short and the time taken to ended it is long

The good times will always remain short 

The bad times remain shorter yet bad and good memories will be lasting 

Embrace the universe feeling, my daughter 

As to understand it is by learning

Never stop learning, my daughter 

The last advice ended with the sound of chirping 

The last phone call from father to daughter.
Bringg bringg bringg the phone ringing 

The sound of phone ringing accompanied by sound of chirping 

Years have been passed, who’s answering?

The lady answering with the calm voice

The former child self absorbed daughter standing at the seashore

Answering the phone but not complaining

Greeting and wish are the first thing she saying

No more complaining, just the sound of laughing
The beautiful bright sun goes down and the sunset mode is begin

The butterflies flying around her following by the sound of chirping birds

The music of the ocean waves washes her soul and mind 

Enjoying the tranquil moment while enjoying the life lesson 

No more sound of complaining, just the beautiful sound of nature filled the air
Hard and good time remains shorter

Yet the bad and good memories last forever

Everyone on this planet earth is beautiful just the way they are

We don’t realise it as our human nature like to complain
The skies turning into bright joyous orange skies, 

The daughter looked up to the skies

This is the confession from daughter to father. Farewell from daughter to father.

“You, my dear father have been already long gone but the memories will be cherished forever. I feel like we just talking on this morning as the melodies of the good memories still fresh on my mind. Letting go of my pride and ego, I wish you can hear this my dear father. You were and always right. This world filled with beautiful people with the beautiful heart. Happy Father’s Day.”

The ocean washes her feet, and one of the good memories resurfaced on the beautiful sunset skies.


A father and daughter walked together. The laughter and happiness radiated from his daughter. 6 years old little girl looking forward for her very first running competition. His father saw his daughter shoelaces was untied, and he tied his daughter shoelaces. Looking at his daughter face, he told her,

“ No matter what is the result, accept it. If you fall, stand up, keep on running until you reach the finish line. It’s doesn’t matter whether you win or lost. Finish what you started.”

“I don’t understand, father.”

Laughing and hugging his daughter, looking into her eyes,
“One day you will. Eventually.”

Life is hard but it doesn’t mean that your mind and souls have to be moulded by it. 

Lynn R. Amdan

Thank you for reading and have a great day 🙂
Lynn Amdan.


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