The lady standing at the seashore

Waiting for the sunset while staring at the blue skies

Wondering whether she achieve her life purpose

The answer lies between the changing colour of the skies

The sun going down

She is still standing up

Blue sky turning into orange and finally turning into dark night skies.

Waiting for the moon

She is still standing up.

The moon appeared and lighting the dark night skies

The lady smile while enjoying her tranquil night

The moonlight showers her face with the light of hope

The hope that leads to the stairs of courage.

Suddenly the moon swallowed by the dark clouds

The thunder showing its tantrum

The lightning filled the dark clouds

Her knees start trembling and thunder keep throwing its tantrum.

She start run and keep running

Looking for a safe place to hide

She run run run and keep running

Screaming out loud asking the universe where she should go to hide.

A tall coconut tree stand right in front of her

It’s the nearest and fastest way to hide yet dangerous place to hide

Passing the tree in front of her

Leaving the tree with the tears on her face.

The earth is crying and the tears from heaven falling down 

Washing her tears and showering her with the tears of hope

The thunder stopped following by the lightning while the earth filled with the tears from heaven

Her both feet keep running until the feel of the sand stopped her feet

Closing her both eyes and standing still on the sand 

The sound of the ocean waves filled the air

And there she is standing still at the seashore

Opening her both eyes, the sun rise up

Showering her body and soul with the light of freedom

Smiling, she held her head high because she finally got her answer.

The answer what we have been looking for always in our heart.   Sometimes life will show you the answer but most of the time, you have to figure it on your own.
Lynn R.Amdan

Thanks for reading 🙂 Until next time
Lynn Amdan


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