Rhythm of music represent the rhythm of our life

Sounds create music. Music create our life and defined who we are, our culture, country, tradition and personality.  Our life always filled with the sound of music. Whether it’s a nature sound or the sound that created by us. Clapping, kicking and accidentally dropping the pen on the floor can create the sound. Just like our footsteps, it does make a sound. Walking to the unknown path that will lead to the unknown future. Half of the population of human is being decisive about where they’ll be and half of us, are uncertain where we will be standing in the future. Each step we make, we create a new sound which will eventually create the music of our life. And the choices that we make will create the type of music that you’ll save in your playlist, the rhythm of music that will accompany you while you writing down your life journal book.

Browsing the inspiration quote in the Goodreads site, I read the quotes from Yogi Berra that caught my attention. Writing it down on my notebook and while I was written down the quote, actually during that time, for the first time in my life, I was indecisive about the choices that I make. Where I’ll be heading after this and where the plane will take me. One of the quote from Yogi Berra saying, ” If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else. I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one who have this kind of dilemma. Being decisive in our career is much easier than being decisive about the place where we want to go. We know what we want in our career yet we can’t decide what we want to have in our life. It take courage to start a new adventure in a place where we never used to live or stay before. Being scared is normal when it’s our first time making a big decision that will give an impact in our life which eventually change our life into better or worst life. It’s depend on the level of your courage. If you’re scare but don’t have courage to do it, you’ll have a mediocre life. But when you take a leap of faith, have courage although deep in your heart, you are totally scare until you need to tell yourself over and over again, that it’s going to be okay. I remember when it was the first time I was in the plane.It was my first flight, I was alone and all on my own. I don’t even know where is the information counter located at. To be honest, I don’t even know how to look for my seat. Although I was embarrassed that I don’t know the basic things, but I don’t embarrassed in asking the flight attendant where my seat located and showed her my ticket. After she showed my seat, I sat down and started thinking about the problem that might or won’t happen during the flight. I was so scare but I don’t let it control my breathing.  I was nervous and my heart keep beating so fast until I can hardly breath, I took a deep breath and let it go slowly. I paid attention to the flight stewardess instruction and always be aware on my surrounding. I was afraid during that time yet I calmed myself down by telling myself that the best yet to come. Having the half full glass mindset help me to overcome my worry and I managed to smile during the flight and I was glad that the lady who sat next to me also smiling at me. Listening to the sound of my heart making me more excited about the landing instead of thinking about the crash might or won’t happen. I took my headphone from my handbag and start listening to my favourite playlist, looking at the window and I was definitely looking forward to start my adventure.


Choices that we make will lead us to the impending obstacles that we will face during our life journey. I’m not a perfect person and there will be a time where I’m going to be panic and worry about the choices that I made in my life. Instead of letting the negativity and worrying too much controlling my mind, I embraced the feeling and start making the backup plan for my life instead of worrying for nothing. It won’t hurt to have a backup plan either. After all, the best way for me to embrace the negativity is always figuring out the solution to the possibility of the problem that might occur in the future. Talking and worrying about problem is useless but looking for solution and paying attention to detail, now we are talking. 🙂  You will not always get the things  you want in life and most of the time, life won’t be on your side either. Just like in our playlist, among 100 hundreds song in our playlist, there might be a chances 10% to 20% where  we will accidentally put the sad and heartbroken song in our music playlist library. Life will not always be in the favourable moment. Please take a note that we won’t be able to listen to the happy song that make us dancing along the music everyday. The sad and broken hearted song represent the reality of life where there will be always  obstacles in our life. We can delete the bad vibe and sad song in our playlist but we can’t delete the bad vibe in our life. Be brave, strong and listen to the song until the end. Learned the lesson, move on and keep on fighting. Just like an unemployed person, despite of having no luck in finding job, never give up, keep on practising on how to ace your interview, improve your resume, sharpen your skills and keep on looking for job. Sooner or later, you’ll get the job eventually. Student who flunked in their subjects doesn’t meant that their life is over. You can do better next time and all you have to do is keep on studying, practising and asking question about the subject that you feel that you have problem with. For each of us who have obstacles in life, never lost faith on yourself and keep on fighting until your last breath on this earth. Just like Yogi Berra quote, ” It ain’t over till it’s over.”

At the end of the day, we will listen to the song that make us smiling and looking forward to life. Half full glass or half empty glass, whatever you believe, remember, whatever you believe and the choices that you make, it will create sound that will become your music of life. Rhythm of the music filled your heart and at the end of the day, you’ll be dancing along with the music. Be brave, have courage and strong in dealing with life. You have the power in life you as you are the master of  your life. So, held your head high and keep on fighting in whatever you dealing with. It’s easier to be said than done, I know, but together, let’s be strong. And together, let’s dancing along the cha cha song with the smile on our face instead of listening to the sad song while shedding a tears. Embrace the fears, be brave and be strong. Always have a positive outlook in your life and believe that nothing can stop you even when life throwing rock at you. You can do it!


The colour of life depend on the colour that you choose at the end of the day. The music of our life is depend on the choices of music that we have in our mind. So, let’s turn on the music, and start dancing!

Until next time! Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading. 🙂

Lynn Amdan.

 The music of our life is depend on the choices of music that we have in our mind. Choose the happy song to dance and sad song to learn. After all, every songs reflected the reality of life

Lynn R.Amdan


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