Live in the present just like you received a gift of chocolate box.

I’m a just a normal human being who breathe an oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. While sitting in the cafe browsing an internet looking for something to read, I stop for a minute and take a deep breath. I put down my phone and start looking around in the cafe.

Suddenly I realised that it’s been nearly three month I live my life without social media. I feel more confident about living my life. I capture the pictures and take a lot of selfie for my own photo gallery collection. Sipping another coffee, instead of typing everything on my phone, I take my notebook and start writing about things that inspired me to be a better person.

I managed to get rid off my phone and internet addiction. I start having a fulfilling life and enjoying every step that I made so far in my life. I make a contact eyes with people when they talk and smile instead of focussing on the phone. I looked at the blue sky, feeling the wind and the ray of sunlight shining my day with  more hope and positivity.

The cafe latte became more tastier when each time I focus on living in the moment. The air feel lighter, the positive and hope filling my head and make me become more persistent in building my life. The key of getting rid off negativity from our mind is not easy and it’s easier to talk about it than to get rid off it.How to stop myself from thinking the negative outcome about the decision that I’m taking and stop myself from worrying about the thing that haven’t happened yet? Easy. I close my both eyes, enjoying my own company and focus on the present.

Social media is important in keeping in touch with the people who we care about and our beloved family. But for me, the best way to keep in touch with them is by visiting my family in the hometown, having a dinner, lunch or coffee with my friends and sending postcard from the places that I had been visited while including the pictures of mine that I have taken during my visit.

Writing your own experience and wishing someone on the postcard or birthday card? That’s the best to show your appreciation to them. And I will usually write a card to myself to congratulate myself for being still alive and it’s might look weird, but as for me, this is how I express the gratitude to myself instead of spending tons of money to buy materialistic things to make myself happier. Don’t get me wrong. Everyone have their own way to express their love to themselves, and this is my way. Loving yourself is the sign where no one can make you feel inferior about yourself. You don’t have to seek validation from other people in the real world or the Internet world. 😉

Live in the present and love yourself. It’s time for me to get my hot chocolate with the cream. Until next time!

“Live in the present just like you received a gift of chocolate box.”

Lynn R.Amdan



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